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The Irish National Liberation Army (INLA, Irish: Arm Saoirse Náisiúnta na hÉireann) is an Irish republican socialist paramilitary group formed on 10 December 1974, during "the Troubles". It seeks to remove Northern Ireland from the United Kingdom and create a socialist republic encompassing all of Ireland . A secret meeting held the same day formed the Irish National Liberation Army (INLA), the armed wing of the IRSP. In its first year, the IRSP executive included former Nationalist MP Bernadette Devlin, by then known as Bernadette Devlin-McAliskey. Despite Devlin-McAliskey’s high profile the IRSP failed to attract much public support. The INLA has been active in Belfast and the border areas of Northern Ireland where it has carried out bombings, assassinations, kidnappings, hijackings, extortion, and robberies.

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16th June 1994: The INLA shot dead three UVF members in a gun attack on Shankill Road, Belfast. Meanwhile, the splinter republican group, the Irish National Liberation Army (INLA), has been in bed with the Kinahan mob via its senior figures who were, at one time, members of, or associates of "The INLA is sourcing weaponry from the South and remains involved in the extortion of legitimate business and illegitimate businesses, including the taxing of criminals and drug dealers." Drug Dominic “Mad Dog” McGlinchey (1953/1954 – 10 February 1994) was an Irish republican militant, who moved from the Provisional IRA to become head of the Irish National Liberation Army (INLA) paramilitary group. He was the first Republican extradited from Ireland. He was shot dead by unidentified Named: Man arrested over 1987 INLA feud murders Funeral of John O'Reilly and Thomas 'Ta' Power shot dead in Drogheda 30 -years ago, a 60-year-old man was arrested in Co Louth yesterday in The INLA were one of the most volatile and violent groups to emerge from the Troubles.

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[2] Textilfabrikanternas. INLA Irish National Liberation Army. IRA Irish Republican  Epidemiology of clinical q fever in northern ireland byIRELAND was once thought to be free of Q fever (Kaplan and Bertagna, 1955) allmän - core.ac.uk - PDF:  The British Army in Northern Ireland 1978-79 activities of Lenny Murphy and the 'Shankill Butchers' as bad as anything which the Provisional IRA or INLA did. 600 BCE - En keltisk kultur är etablerad i Irland, några decennier senare begreppet High King 1981 - tio IRA- och INLA-hungerspelare dör i brittiska fängelser. i inlandet hårdare, och vi ser rest bestånd främst.

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Most original members were drawn from Official Sinn Fein and the Official 21 December - Thomas McCartan (31), a member of the INLA, was shot dead by the Irish People's Liberation Organisation in Andersonstown, Belfast. This was the first killing in an INLA / IPLO feud that was to last until March 1987. The IPLO used the alias "INLA Army Council" to claim responsibility for actions carried out during the feud. The INLA, the army of Ireland's working class, was then formed to fight for National Liberation and Socialism. The INLA was known for a series of internal feuds and some of the more sectarian killings by Irish nationalists.
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The Irish News has named the man arrested over the murders of two men in an INLA feud 30 years ago. He has been released without charge. The Government of Ireland Act 1920 partitioned the island of Ireland into two separate jurisdictions, Southern Ireland and Northern Ireland, both devolved regions of the United Kingdom. This partition of Ireland was confirmed when the Parliament of Northern Ireland exercised its right in December 1922 under the Anglo-Irish Treaty of 1921 to opt out of the newly established Irish Free State.
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Abandoning Historical Conflict?: Former Political Prisoners and

© Ireland-Companies.com (mobila sidan) 362 NORTHERN IRELAND STREET MURALS "GONE FOREVER" CD UVF UFF IRA INLA UDA RHC. Pokemon Kyurem Ex Plasma Blast 30/101 Half Art Holo  Det var utmanarna som representerade Irland i de farligaste utländska 1986 separerade Liberation Organization of the Irish People (IPLO) från INLA, som i sin  tube Horny milf seduces Indian porn sex sites Indian sex videos college girls Jordi enp apolonia Keezmov Kylie ireland porn Leah gotti eporner Lisa ann nude  af Comprising a Journal of Observations, in England, Scotland, Ireland, France, af anda till 24 man inla- des i det nya fastet Styrkan var visserligen obetydlig,  Irish Republican History & Remembrance. ifoto MAD DOG JOHNNY ADAIR NORTHERN IRELAND UDA, UFF, PIRA, INLA ifoto.

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The Droppin Well, Part1/2: Episode 211 - UK True Crime

The Irish National Liberation Army was one of the most ruthless terrorist organisations during the troubles in Northern Ireland. Formed in 1974 as a splinter  The Irish National Liberation Army (INLA, Irish: Arm Saoirse Náisiúnta na hÉireann) is an Irish republican socialist paramilitary group formed on 10 December  Hearts and minds, water and fish : support for the IRA and INLA in a Northern Irish ghetto by Jeffrey A Sluka( Book ); INLA : deadly divisions by Jack Holland(  Ronnie Bunting (1947/1948 – 15 October 1980) was a Protestant Irish republican and socialist activist in Ireland. He became a member of the Official IRA in the  Two young boys pose in face masks in May of 1981 infront of a blazing fire in Northern Ireland. Bobby Sands, an active member of the Irish Republican A Strabane man accused of INLA membership was shot in the back by the INLA and is confined to a wheelchair as a result, the Special Criminal Court in Download this stock image: Members of the Irish National Liberation Army (INLA) at the funeral of Peggy O'Hara, a prominent Irish Republican. - EY1C96 from  INLA, the meaning, definition, what is INLA, the: (the Irish National Liberation like an unofficial army) in Northern Ireland, which wants the two parts of Ireland to   Starry Plough Flag Irish National Liberation Army Inla Ireland Art Print by Joe Fox. All prints are professionally printed, packaged, and shipped within 3 - 4  Excellently researched and a very thorough book about the IRA splinter group the Irish National Liberation Army (INLA) I've read more than a few books on the  Irish National Liberation Army.